Picking the right gym & trainer for your goals and personality

If you are new to fitness, finding the right personal trainer, let alone the right gym for you can be a very daunting task. In today’s world, there is vast selection of gyms to choose from. You have your commercial gyms (X-Sport, L.A Fitness, Lifetime, YMCA), Crossfit boxes, gyms with a specific focus (spin studios, yoga studios, etc), as well as privately owned gyms (Three60Fit). Once you have found a gym, you may decide that you want a personal trainer to guide you. Your decision will greatly depend on your goals as well as your personality.

When deciding what gym to get a membership from, you have to keep into account your personality and what your goals are. For someone who wants to do things at their own pace and by themselves, a commercial gym may be the best option. You have the option to design your own workout, go whenever you want, and just do your own thing. Should you decide you need a little bit of help, these gyms usually have trainers that you can hire at any time. Now, on the contrary, you may be someone who wants to be part of a group setting. Commercial gyms can offer group classes but, they may be limited to the type of classes they offer, the amount of space, and very few time slots. Studios such as yoga studios or cycle studios may be a great option for you if you want a group setting and don’t want to just lift weights. Since these studios have a niche they focus on, they typically have a lot of time slots that guests can choose from and fit into their schedule. Crossfit boxes offer the best of both worlds. Crossfit workouts are typically designed as a race/competition. You get the benefit of working out with others while lifting weights and progressing towards strength and fitness gains.