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Team RWB Mission

In the military, service members push the limits of their well-being to support the mission. That selfless service posture has always been necessary because service members of every era knew they may be called to war. As they move into civilian life, many veterans carry that mission-first mindset with them, neglecting their health in the process.

We believe that veterans are America’s most resilient citizens — and it’s time for more veterans to prioritize their well-being first. 

Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB) exists to guide them through that journey with real-life and virtual opportunities focused on building a healthier lifestyle because a strong focus on mental and physical health is critical to ensuring veterans’ best days are ahead. 

Team RWB Ethos

Team RWB members share more than just values. We share an ethos – a set of guiding beliefs and ideals that characterize our community. An ethos persuades or inspires people to action…and that is what our organization is all about. While ethos can be sometimes hard to define, you certainly know it when you see it. Ethos is demonstrated, not stated.

The Eagle Ethos was crafted using six words that uniquely characterize Team RWB and distinguish our organization from others. While there are certain principles that all nonprofits should adhere to, these are the things that make our Team special. The Eagle Ethos can be clearly captured in an instant with a single snapshot or demonstrated over time. It can be displayed outwardly or held inside as fuel for action. But it is pervasive throughout Team RWB and known intimately by each team member who puts on that red shirt.

The Eagle Ethos is passion, people, positivity, commitment, camaraderie, and community…and Team RWB lives it in action every day.

Our Partnership

Christian Koshaba, THREE60fit owner and Air Force Veteran, began officially partnering with veterans when he opened the first fitness facility to house an American Legion Post in Arlington Heights, IL. During his time of running and operating Post2020, Christian was fortunate enough to witness the impact that fitness and camaraderie had on current and former service members. 

Fast forward to January 2021, Christian and his family prayerfully made the decision to relocate to Knoxville, TN and downsize the facility in IL. Despite the big life transition, he sought after his purpose and passion of encouraging veterans to pursue healthy life habits and restore their hope and purpose. Later that year he began facilitating workouts and networking with other like-minded veterans, ultimately leading him to join Team RWB. Christian felt encouraged by Team RWB's mission, like many others, and began participating in events and fellowship with other members. 

Summer 2022, Christian was asked to become the Captain of Team RWB Knoxville and excitedly took on the opportunity. He strives to further connect and challenge veterans, host workouts, create community events, form camaraderie amongst the community and give hope where hope has been lost. 

The mission of Team RWB is to enrich veterans' lives and their ethos is to forge America's leading health and wellness community for veterans. THREE60fit is proud to facilitate in taking Team RWB's mission to the next level. 

How We Began

THREE60fit opened its doors to veterans of all ages as it became a modern American Legion Post. The focus was and is facilitating the growth, repair, health and wellness of veterans.

We are focused on giving those who serve and have served our country a community where they can transition back into civilian life.

Through a combination of workout sessions, resources, veteran-specific events/groups and referrals for therapy and job placement, our unconventional post is an outlet to bring ex-and current military back into the fold.

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