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Whether you are a veteran, member of our organization  or a civilian, our mission stays the same. Our business was built on faith, family, and fitness. Our members have the tools necessary to succeed; not just inside the gym, but more importantly, outside the gym. Creating a welcoming and supportive environment for growth is an important part of our philosophy. At THREE60fit, you're not just a member of our gym. You are a member of our family. 



“One of issues the Legion has is younger vets are more geared to fitness and community service than sitting around in a legion hall. It’s a different way to reach out to our veterans who are fitness minded. Basic training, boot camp, that’s all you do every single day in the military. When you get out, you gravitate toward what you know.


Meet your coach


Owner, Head Trainer + Air Force Veteran


Christian holds certifications in:

B.S. In Exercise Science, U of I, Chicago
Crossfit Level I Instructor

ACE certified personal trainer

American Sport Education Program: Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries certification

18 yrs of MMA

​Animal Flow - Level 1

Steel Mace Flow - Level 1 + 2

USA Weightlifting

Bulgarian Bag


How it started

"My own journey into physical activity and overall wellness began at the age of 15. My brother introduced me to weight-lifting through a gym membership birthday gift. I found that through those outlets and the more my physical strength grew, the more humble and respectful I grew. This was only the first-step of my transformation.

Years later, I joined the Air Force as an Electronic Warfare Technician. The work was fascinating, but I was not passionate about it. As an avid 'gym rat,' my superiors began seeing my optimal physical fitness levels and approached me to become a Physical Training Leader. In that role, I lead fellow airmen in physical activities such as flag football, basketball, weightlifting and endurance training. I began privately training airmen who had previously failed their yearly mandated physical fitness tests and coached them to a passing grade.

Upon completion of my military enlistment, I traveled to New Zealand and Australia for what was supposed to be a celebratory trip. Instead, I suffered a gruesome injury to my dominant hand and was told by surgeons that I would never use my right-hand again. After arriving home, I began Occupational Therapy at Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital. It became my mission to prove the surgeons wrong. With six months of intense therapy, I regained 95% motor-control. It was then that I truly realized just how powerful the mind is over the spirit and body.

Since that time, I wanted to learn the true science behind achieving results that were considered medically improbable or even impossible. But what I found even more intriguing was that ones' true physical well-being was immensely impacted by their emotional state and strength of their willpower more than anything. Throughout the diverse curriculum, I studied at the University of Illinois at Chicago (sports psychology, health coaching and motivational interviewing), I have successfully applied a scientifically proven method behind not only physical achievements but more substantially, mental and emotional life-changing transformations. And that was the birth of THREE60fit. This life journey inspires me to help take my clients and bring them through a full transformation that celebrates 360 degrees of health."


-Christian Koshaba, Owner + Lead Trainer