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Auto-bills monthly

12 Month Membership

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Auto-bills monthly

Month to Month Membership

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Auto-bills monthly

6 Month Membership

Workout for only $6.25 per class.

Best Deal! 


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$200.00/$20.00 per class

10 Pass Punch Card

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$450.00/$15.00 per class

30 Pass Punch Card

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$350.00/$17.50 per class

20 Pass Punch Card

Best Deal!

Bonus- Share this card with family members residing in the same household 

Nutritional Services and Biometric Screening

Are you confused about what to eat to lose weight and stay healthy? Let our trainers develop an 8-week customized nutritional plan specific to you, your goals and your body type. 


#ignorethescale. Our full body Biometric Screening will give you the most accurate report of your current body composition. You'll be able to get the most accurate report of your progress. It's not about the number on the scale. Let our trainers accurately track your progress. 


Let our trainers create a 8-week personalized nutritional plan for you. You'll receive custom daily meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, food tracking, macro-nutrient and caloric recommendations along with trainer analysis.


Personalized Nutritional Analysis & Coaching

Diet Orange

Bundle these services for optimal results and save!


Bundle & Save

Nutritional Coaching & Biometric Screening Bundle


Don't wonder if your efforts are paying off in the gym. Let our trainers take accurate measurements and track your progress. Know your weight, body fat %, and lean muscle %.


For the best results, we recommend new Biometric screenings every 3-4 weeks.  


Biometric Screening

THREE60fit offers private personal training & semi-private personal training. Let our trainers create a custom health and fitness package designed for you and your goals. 

THREE60fit has youth sports performance programs for your young athlete. Contact us to learn more about giving your child a competitive edge. Contact us for more information. 

Private & Semi-Private Personal Training

Elite Youth Sports Performance Programs