Dan W.

May 07, 2018

I started over 2 years ago with 360fit. Christian was recommended by a friend as a potential personal trainer. Over the last 2 years, Christian has helped me beyond physical training. He’s has taught me nutrition and life balance. Also, he mentored my son and trained him through a serious knee injury and surgery to make the HS soccer team his sophomore year. It is not an 8-week program, it is a journey and life change! Thank you, Christian, Greg, and 360fit!”


June 08, 2016

Before joining Three60fit, I always worked out on my own at home because I didn’t consider myself a “gym person.” What I saw in most gyms was an overpopulated commercial system that lacked individualism. Three60fit offers a variety of classes that are designed to train intelligently. Christian and his team of trainers supportively push you farther than you realize you could go. At the end of a long workday, I really look forward to the classes and the people that train here. No matter what your background is, every person that walks through The Three60fit door is welcome and supported in their fitness journey. I am in the greatest shape I have ever been in, and I attribute this to joining this gym. Mentally, physically, and wholeheartedly, Three60fit has helped me become a stronger person today, and I am sincerely grateful to have connected with Christian and his gym. 

-Jessi B.


March 17, 2017

I am 50 years old and have been working out pretty regularly on my own for a long time. I have used trainers in the past, but not one like Christian. 

I began training with Christian when my wife told me about him through her experience at his boot camps. I started with the boot camps and loved them. My wife and I felt better within weeks after starting them. From there we added some additional one-on-one training which proved to be beneficial. Christian uses all aspects of training—weight training, cardio, CrossFit, stability, stretching, etc. – that keeps working out from getting stagnant. He does a great job tailoring the workout to my individual needs or targeting areas of opportunity such as my issues with stability due to joint surgeries and injuries. He ensures we all do the exercises properly to avoid injury while insuring maximum gain from them. Christian truly cares for our well-being and has a great passion for what he does. 

What sets Christian apart from other trainers I’ve experienced is his ability and willingness to modify a workout for an individual even within a group environment. Personally, he has worked around and through my limitations due to asthma and unstable joints due to several surgeries and injuries. He has helped my wife similarly. His ability to listen to his client needs, goals and personal issues make him a step above the rest. His dedication to his clients and continued encouragement towards their goals is exceptional.


June 07, 2017

I started my journey with Three60Fit at the very end of 2016, Dec 24th to be exact. Something clicked in me, and I finally decided to make a change. I knew of Three60Fit through some family members that had good things to say about it. I met with Christian who assessed my fitness level at that time (or lack thereof in my case) and haven’t looked back since. Christian set up a 90-day plan and was there every step of the way as I successfully transformed my body from someone who was very overweight to becoming fairly fit. Even after I reached my goals, Christian was there to help me get to the next level. The success I gained from Christian’s workouts, and eventually, the classes at Three60Fit were a spring board to gaining the confidence and fitness to try new things. 2017 was a year in which I lost over 50lbs, completed 2 Spartan races as well as several other obstacle and 5K races. I also started to participate in Ninja Warrior activities outside of Three60Fit, something I have always wanted to do. Needless to say, in addition to my own commitment, I strongly believe that none of this would have been possible without the support and guidance I received from Three60.My experience with Three60Fit to date is priceless. Christian is extremely knowledgeable, not only about fitness but cross-training, injuries, nutrition and overall well-being. The people that I have met along the way here are awesome, and we all support each other, whether during workouts or outside of the gym preparing for races, dieting challenges and all of life’s ups and downs. It truly is a great community here, and I am blessed to be a part of it.     

-Dan K. 




January 01, 2020

I love working out at 360fit. Christian is the best personal trainer in town! I’ve been working with him for about 12 weeks now, and I’ve never felt or looked better. My transformation is amazing. Not only do I look better physically, but I am also sleeping better, eating healthier and have more self-confidence. Thanks, Christian, for continuing to push and motivate me, so I achieve my fitness goals.


September 05, 2017

I've been looking for a place that felt like a community for a long time & I found it at Three60fit! The workouts are tough & engaging. Everyone is very supportive & encouraging.

-Keri G


September 30, 2017

The strength and courage I’ve received from Christian Koshaba are more than I ever expected. Commitment was my weak point in this journey; however, working with Christian, he has helped me stay focused on my goal. With the help and dedication of Christian, he has shown me what I am capable of achieving… something I never expected. 

I have hit personal records I never saw myself doing. The willpower I have to truly commit and see results is something I am very proud of. I would not have any of my success without having Christian as my trainer. His skills and expertise are why I continue to train with Christian. He doesn’t just have a trainer to trainee relationship. He has built a family-oriented facility. Three60fit represents courage, dedication, willpower and so much more. I am happy to be a part of this Three60fit family! 

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